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You can still see Modi performing Yoga in Mysuru! Sand sculpture to be kept open for a month

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By Apoorva U

Mysuru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi who came down to Mysuru for the eighth International Day of Yoga 2022 has taken the once esoteric art to a notch above.
With the theme Yoga for Humanity and Peace,  International Day of Yoga was organised at Mysuru Palace, with the prime minister performing various asanas along with 17,000 people at the Palace precincts. The Day remains etched in the memory for long with Mysuru popular as Capital of Ashtanga Yoga.
What makes it memorable further is a sand sculpture of Modi performing Yogasana at Sand Museum on Chamundi Hill road in the city.
Gowri M N the artist who introduced sand art to this part of the State used her deft hands to give shape to her idea as part of International  Day of Yoga.
Modi performing parvatasana, adorned with the logo of international day of yoga and various Surya namaskar postures engraved on a side forms the sculpture that has turned into a cynosure of all eyes, especially visitors at the museum.
To enable more people take a closer look of this sculpture, the visitors were also provided free entry for a day on June 21 the International Day of Yoga.
It took one tractor load of sand and three whole days using compact method to make five feet×10 feet sculpture. Besides, spray paint 3D art is used to give the sculpture an enhanced look.
The sculpture will be kept around for another month or more to enable the visitors have a glimpse of it, says Nanjunda father of Gowri.
There are various other sculptures made in 2014 which took 115 truck loads of sand and eight months to make them. They number 150 sculptures based on 16 different themes such as Mysuru Dasara howdah, eco friendly Ganesha, Goddess Chamundeshwari, vintage car, islamic culture, ancient civilisations and tribes of the world, Christmas tree and Santa Claus, laughing Buddha, marine life, Disney land, save wildlife, romantic scene, horror world, zodiac wheel and Mahabharata war chariot with Arjuna and Krishna.
Not to forget, this is India’s first sand museum that has found a prominent place among new age attractions in the City of Palaces Mysuru that attracts tourists in hordes throughout the year. 
– Team Mysoorunews 
The sand sculpture of Prime Minister Narendra performing Yogasana at Sand Museum on Chamundi Hill road in Mysuru

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