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World Social Justice Day celebrated at Vidya Vikas Institute of Legal Studies, Mysuru

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Mysuru: Vidya Vikas Institute of Legal Studies, Mysuru, organised a Legal Awareness Programme as part of World Social Justice Day, in order to bring awareness among students on the need of social justice in this modern world, on March 4 at Lalitha Smarka Bhavana.

M L Raghunath Principal District and Sessions Court Judge and Chairman District Legal Service Authority, Mysore inaugurated by watering the plant.

Raghunath said “The Constitution is supreme law in India. It is the mother of all the other laws. Constitution is based on certain basic principles of which one principle is to bring every citizen to the main stream of the society. Without any discriminations and injustice”.

World Social Justice Day is celebrated to enforce the basic principles of the Constitution.

The preamble of the Constitution ensures social justice and equality to all citizens of India. The provision of the Constitution are been framed to up bring the unprivileged sect of society. The fundamental rights are guaranteed under Constitution which arises an obligation of the citizen to fulfill the fundamental duties.

The Freedom of Speech and Expression, Right to Education are guaranteed in Constitution to all the citizens without any discrimination. The provision of the Constitution must not be used in a narrow way. In attaining one’s rights and freedom, other rights and freedom must not be violated.

Devaraj Bhute, Senior civil Judge and Member Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Mysuru stated that “Social Justice is prevalent all over the World. Social Justice Day is celebrated to raise voice against the injustice in the society, to create awareness amongst the citizens of India”.

In the nation, political and economical Justice can be achieved only when social justice is achieved.

The provisions of the Constitution are framed to prevent discrimination among the citizens. Article 17 of the Indian Constitution guarantees right against untouchability. Article 25 to 28 guarantees cultural and educational rights. Article 39A guarantees to provide legal aid to all the citizens.

The Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution create awareness about the basic laws.

The Section 12 of legal services authority Act gives protection to SC and ST against human trafficking.

In his presidential Remarks Kaveesh Gowda V Honourable Secretary, Vidya Vikas Educational Trust (R) Mysuru stated about the need of social justice in educational Institution.

Pragana Kashyap rendered the invocation, while Surya the Final Year LLB Student welcomed the gathering. Kempa Raj Urs a final year student introduced the guests.

The programme concluded with vote of thanks by Thanzia Sulthan a final year LLB Student.

Dr M L Kalicharan Principal Vidya Vikas Institute of Legal Studies, Mysuru was present.

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