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Women’s Day! Plays Ramayana, Greta to be staged on March 08

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Bengaluru: On account of International women’s day on March 08, Gram Seva Sangh gas organised two theatre performances-  Greta and Ramayana.

In this theatre production written and directed by the well know playwright and theatre director Prasanna, M D Pallavi, Naada Mani Nalkuru, Lahari and Durga Devi have enacted. The play will be  staged in two shows, 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm at Ranga Shankara, J P Nagar II Phase, Bengaluru.

Why Ramayana?

Ramayana is not about Rama alone. It is about Seeta-Rama. It is about love, it is also about their marriage. Marriage is the problematic in Ramayana! If Rama, The epic married man can hurt his beloved Seeta, what about lesser men asks Valimiki? Ramayana warns us against becoming Monster men! Ramayana is also about another type of conflict! Man and Nature, or Civilization and Nature Conflict! In the epic, Ravana, the excessively masculine man, a representative of the exploitative civilization, takes Seeta (a nature metaphor) by force and tries to make her his private property!

Why Greta?

If Seeta is the daughter of earth, Greta the contemporary little daughter is trying to protect the earth from extinction. In the play Greta, the monster takes the shape of a smoke spewing machine, a vehicle that drives the post modern civilization forward, according to Prasanna as a director’s note.

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