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Wine store closed, reopened as drunkards fail to toe the line

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Mysuru: As most of the roads in the city led towards the wine stores that opened doors after a gap of over a month, the people especially binged drinkers forgot that the threat of Covid-19 still looms  large in the country and also city. 

A wine shop owner had to down shutters for sometime, as the customers were too eager to buy their share of liquor, unmindful of the social distancing norms, that has to be followed both by the vendor and the customer.

As the crowd swelled in front of Ganesh Agency a wine shop on B N Street, the owner found it too difficult to ensure that social distance is followed by the customers. Even as the boxes had been drawn in front of the shop and the police were deployed to keep a tab, it didn’t help.

Eventually, the shop owner downed the shutters and refused to open until and unless the customers adhered to the norms. It was only after they toed the line, did he reopen the shutters, much to the relief of parched throats of the boozers, who have been heading towards wine shops since the crack of dawn.

Though the liquor shops have resumed  business, it’s only wine stores and other MRP outlets that are allowed to open from Monday, but with the riders that the business hours should be from 7 am to 7 pm, customers should be provided hand sanitiser, both salesmen and customers should wear face mask and most importantly the social distance that should be followed by all.

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