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Webinar on discectomy at Columbia Asia Hospital! 86 people find answers to their queries

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Columbia Asia Hospitals – Mysore organized a webinar to address the importance of the lower back and spine care

Mysuru: With the sedentary lifestyle, lower back pain has become one of the major health problems faced by many people today. Though, few choose to take the treatment immediately, others may delay or neglect it completely. Once the pain gets severe, it might affect an individual’s mobility.

In such cases doctors might advise to undergo surgery to treat the condition. To create awareness among people about the lower back surgeries and its importance, Columbia Asia Hospitals – Mysore (A unit of Manipal Hospitals) organized a webinar on discectomy. About 86 people attended the webinar to understand more about low back pain its causes and care.

Dr Maqsood Ahmed, Consultant, Neurosurgeon, Columbia Asia Hospitals – Mysore discussed about the lower back and spine care.

According to WHO, lower back pain is a very common health problem worldwide and a major cause of disability. It can affect the performance at work as well as general wellbeing.

An individual can experience lower back pain at any age and it can be due to various reasons like sitting posture, lifting heavy objects, lack of physical activity, disc injuries, accidents etc. Though the acute pain can be treated with non-surgical ways, chronic lower back pain needs to be treated with the surgical intervention.

Dr Maqsood Ahmed – consultant Neurosurgeon – Columbia Asia Hospitals – Mysore (A unit of Manipal Hospitals), said, People tend to delay the treatment for back pain thinking it will subside on its own, which is not right. If the pain is severe and lasts longer than fewweeks, it is important to get medical help. People need to identify the chronic symptoms of lower back pain like, back pain radiating down the legs, weakness of feet or difficulty in gripping the slippers, experiencing pain and numbness of legs while walking etc.Surgical intervention like Discectomy helps in relieving this pain and helps patients to regain their mobility in such cases. Also, patients who have been advised to undergo the surgery should not delay the procedure”.

“Discectomy is a surgery to remove lumbar (low back) herniated disc material that is pressing on a nerve root or the spinal cord which will in turn decrease the pain and restore normal movement and function. The surgery usually does not take long and patients do not have worry about prolonged hospital stays. Patients can also be rest assured that this surgery is safe and free of side effects” he added.


  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Proper position and posture
  • Right weight
  • Avoid smoking
  • Proper exercises
  • Right diet
  • Seek timely medical attention

Avoid movements that twist or strain your back. Use your body properly:

  1. Stand smart. Don’t slouch. Maintain a neutral pelvic position. If you must stand for long periods, place one foot on a low footstool to take some of the load off your lower back. Alternate feet. Good posture can reduce the stress on back muscles.
  2. Sit smart. Choose a seat with good lower back support, armrests, and a swivel base. Placing a pillow or rolled towel in the small of your back can maintain its normal curve. Keep your knees and hips level. Change your position frequently, at least every half-hour.
  3. Lift smart. Avoid heavy lifting, if possible, but if you must lift something heavy, let your legs do the work. Keep your back straight — no twisting — and bend only at the knees. Hold the load close to your body. Find a lifting partner if the object is heavy or awkward.


  • All back pains signify serious disease
  • Most back pains need surgical interventions
  • Surgery for back pains fails and most are left with disability

This interactive session witnessed many participants discussing about healing of low back pain and the consequences of neglecting it.

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