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Wastes of types littered on streets of Srirampura

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Mysuru: The wastes disposed from household, shops and other places are littered on the streets of Srirampura which leads to contamination of air, soil and water.

I, being the student of Christ College, Mysuru, face a lot of problems while walking through those stretch of roads. Especially, the students and teachers are badly affected in one or the other way. The major portion of the service road is dumped with food wastes and plastics. Plastics are the most dangerous, which causes air pollution and water pollution, as well as, it will reduce fertility of the soil. Even the stray dogs roam around the wastes and feed on them, which at times prove dangerous to the students going to schools and colleges.

I am looking forward for the positive response from the concerned authorities for managing and controlling the waste. I request you to take this letter into concern and take necessary action.

-From Shanet Ann Jose,


Christ College,

Srirampura, Mysuru


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