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War room on Covid-19! Amateur HAM radio station at Vartha Soudha

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Bengaluru: At a situation where COVID-19 is declared as an epidemic, Indian Institute of Hams headed by VU2FI OM Dr Sathyapal, has successfully setup an Amateur Radio Station at Vartha Soudha. It is intended as a noble cause to help State Government to fight this situation.

Chief Minister’s War Room on Covid-19 at Vartha Soudha.
We have setup HF and VHF stations at the  Chief Minister’s Covid- 19 War Room center. With the help of *VU3CJM* OM Manju, *VU3OIM* OM Venkat, *VU3UZJ* OM Pramod and *VU3XQI* OM Lawrence, the antennas and station was quickly setup and running. We are QRV on 7.070 MHz, 7.050, 14.170 MHz MHz on HF and 145.650 MHz, 145.500 MHz, 145.000 MHz on VHF.
Amateur HAM radio station.
The Station was inaugurated by S N Sidramappa, Commissioner, Information and Public Relations. He had a QSO with *VU3JYT* OM Rajan and informed us how important it is to setup such war rooms and actions during such pandemic situations.
Technicians setting up the antenna for amateur HAM radio station.
As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, IIH will follow the happenings and regularly make reports as per the defined protocol.
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