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Vulture survey throws up surprises in Bandipur Tiger Reserve

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Chamarajanagar: A two-day survey on vultures recorded the presence of three types of vultures – White Rumped Vulture, Indian Vulture and Red-headed Vulture – in Bandipur National Tiger Reserve.

The data will help the forest officials of Bandipur Reserve Forest, the population of the vulture and its habitation.

The survey held on February 25 and Feb 26, saw 32 volunteers and researchers from Ponnampet Forestry College and 80 forest department staff who surveyed at 40 spots in 13 ranges of Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Total number of vulture signed in synchronized vulture study- 2023

Bandipur National Tiger Reserve Forest

1. White Rumped vulture – 168
2 . Indian vulture – 34
3. Red Headed vulture – 43
4 . Egyptian vulture – 1

Nagarahole National Tiger Reserve Forest

1. WhiteRumped Vulture – 61
2. Indian Vulture – 13
3. Red Headed Vulture – 30

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