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Victim of cyber crime? Dial 112 or 1930 for help

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Mysuru: Cyber Criminals have found a new way to scam people by utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to create convincing voice imitations of family members or friends, said Lingaraj, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Criminal Investigation Unit, CID.

To raise awareness about cyber threats, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), SDMIMD Student’s Life Committee and Rotary Panchsheel, Mysuru, organised Cyber Crime Awareness Programme for senior citizens of Vasavi Shanthidhama on Sunday.

Lingaraj who has delivered more than 3500 talks on cyber crime said “Cyber crime, is the word which the world is worried about. When compared to a few years back, the Modus Operandi of cyber crime totally changed. Cyber criminals are more talented, educated, and technically qualified; they are adopting technology and methods to make technically qualified us fall into cyber crime frauds. With the rise of popularity and adoption of artificial intelligence tools now it is very easy to manipulate images, videos, and voices of family members and friends. This year we have experienced more crimes related to artificial intelligence; 83 percent of them have lost money with these scams”.

He also mentioned that the introduction of smartwatches has also gained the attention of hackers who reportedly use them to spy on credit card PIN codes, ultimately extracting sensitive information through trajectory methods. On the occasion, he also called upon the people to immediately inform them if they are cheated by cyber criminals. “If the cyber crime is reported within the golden hour, that is 15 minutes of the incident, there are chances of getting money back to their account but if the golden hour period is lost it is very difficult to get back the money. If cheated by cyber criminals or any such fake calls should be immediately reported to the Cyber helpline number 1930 or even to 112”.

Citing a few examples in which the staff members of the police department was also a victim of cyber criminals, retired DIG Rajendra Prasad, IPS and Head of Community Service of Rotary Panchasheel said “Anybody whether they are intellectuals or illiterate can and are falling prey to these cyber criminals. Hence should be alert while using their internet-enabled devices including computers, laptops, or Smartphones, and not click any suspicious links.”

Presiding over the awareness program, Director of SDMIMD Dr. (Lt. Col.) SN Prasad said “The psychological factors play a major role in this cyber crime the criminals are focused on two factors – loss of money and loss of reputation – of the victim. Since they work at the background with the necessary information about the victim as responsible citizens it is our duty to educate, enable and enrich them with the basic security measures in the current cyber world.”

Earlier, Dr. Sunil M.V. Nodal Officer of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), SDMIMD, presented the brief about “Stay Safe Online” initiative from the Central Government as part of the G20 Leadership under which the awareness program was organised and delivered the welcome address.

SDMIMD students through skits created awareness to people about how people are getting cheated by cyber criminals and conveyed the message about the care to be taken and what information they should not divulge in the cyber world to keep them safe.

Kiran Robert, President, Rotary Panchasheel, and Mohan Raju, Manager, Vasavi Shantidhama, presented the vote of thanks.

CA BV Srinivas Gupta, Honorary Secretary, Sri Vasavi Shantidhama, Mysuru was present.

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