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Vet operates wounded cobra

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Mysuru: You may have read about doctors treating injured mortals. Have you read about operating wounded snake- a male cobra, the most venomous one with deadly fangs.

Dr Yeshwanth Kumar a veterinarian with the department of animal husbandry and veterinary services in the city took the risk and operated the snake that was found injured at Lalithadripura in the outskirts.

The reptile had suffered cuts after it was hit by a pick axe. It was still struggling to survive and was turning feeble when Kemparaju a driver with the department of fire and emergency services, a herpatologist by passion learnt about it.

He rescued the snake and took it to veterinary hospital where the veterinarian had to risk his life for treating a rather unusual patient. He took 40 minutes and stitched at two different parts after injecting multiple doses of anaesthesia. The operation was success and was released into the forest afterwards.

The operation was not that easy as snake resisted thrice and the vet had to administer anaesthesia again and again.

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