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Union Budget 2023: “Promises look good only on paper”

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Mysuru: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s budget for 2023 has evoked mixed reactions. While some have given thumbs up for the budget especially for the rebate on the taxable amount and the benefits announced in the technology sector, others are vary of its feasibility, considering unfulfilled promises made in the last budget.


No vision to improve education sector

“The budget seems to be full of good intentions but what happened to the good intentions of last year? How much of it was realised? Budget allocation for education sector is down to 2.5 per cent from 2.64 per cent of last year. Even fund allocation for health has gone down to 1.98 per cent from 2.2 per cent. Quality and accessibility of free and basic education is still a big issue in the country but unfortunately, it is not addressed in the budget. It clearly shows, there is no vision to improve the education sector.

“The plan for economic empowerment of women, relief for MSMEs, National Digital Library for Children and Adolescents all look good on paper. But how much of it would be realised? Mahila Samman Savings Certificate is good. But why is it only for two years?

“Unfortunately, potential of women workforce of our country has never been harnessed. Women workforce could add to a significant increase in GDP but there is a lack of vision by the centre.

Previous promises like piped water connection, PMAY housing, etc has seen less than 50 per cent of implementation. How much of these tall promises would be realized in two years, before the general elections?

“Besides, there is nothing to ease inflation. The government has not increased corporate tax and this indicates the government is pro-corporates. In her 2022 budget, Finance Minister had promised economic growth to be at 9.2 per cent but the actual growth is likely to be around 6.8 per cent as per central bank data as on December. It would be ideal to find out effectiveness of the schemes announced through social audit, like the one presented by the Delhi government.”

Malavika Gubbivani, AAP leader


There is nothing for tourism sector

There is not much for the tourism and allied sector in the Union Budget. After pandemic, the hotel and tourism sectors have suffered a lot. But, not much has been done to boost these sectors’ revival.”

C Narayan Gowda
President, Hotel Owners Association


AI in agriculture will drive more farmers to end lives

“Announcing of boosting natural farming is welcome. But farming community expected much more than this. Besides, with the introduction of artificial intelligence even in agriculture sector, it is going to be a bane for farmers, who are already resorting to suicides with no support from the government. The farming community was expecting encouragement from the government than the AI-enabled facilities. This government is helping only the corporate and not the farmers.”

Badagalapura Nagendra

President, Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha




Budget ignores farming community

“Allocation of Rs 5360 cr for Upper Bhadra project has indeed instilled hopes among farming community. Besides, extending food grains to poor families for another year and giving major boost to millets production will benefit the farming community in a bog way.

“But, the government has not mentioned anything about minimum support price for any of the crops that are facing the threat of climate change or even interest-free loan for cultivation. Majority of the younger generation in farming community are not keen on farming. The government should have come up with a scheme to help that category than just pleasing corporate sectors. This is disappointing.”


Kurubur Shantakumar
President, Karnataka state Sugarcane growers Association


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