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Triplets born at city’s Kangaroo Care Women and Children Hospitals

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Mysuru: A woman delivered triplets at Kangaroo Care Women and Children Hospitals, Clinic and Fertility Centre. The hospital announced safe arrival and discharge of preterm triplets.

The triplets born at Kangaroo Hospital in Mysuru

Babies were delivered at 30 weeks (7th month of pregnancy) by emergency caesarean by Obstetrician Dr Leelavathi and were looked after in NICU by Neonatologist Dr Nanditha. Neonatology is a specialized branch which deals with newborn babies and their complications.

“Triplet pregnancy can be quite complex, the pregnant mother requires a lot of extra care and measures to ensure both mother and babies are safe. A lot of triplet pregnancies end up prematurely” explained Dr Leelavathi.

Lakshmi, proud mother of triplet had regular follow ups where she was counselled and it was Lakshmi’s determination and hard work of Dr Leelavathi that the pregnancy could be pushed until seventh month.

“When the mother presented in preterm labour, she was given medicines to mature the lungs of the babies and also for protection to babies’ brains. As the babies were born prematurely and were of low birth weight (Aprrox 1.3kg each), they were admitted to NICU. One of them had breathing difficulties which was managed with respiratory support. Adequate support measures were given until the breathing difficulties of the baby settled. They were managed with the best available equipment and latest techniques. Eventually after a stay for nearly three weeks, all babies were discharged home healthy and with good weight gain of approx. 1.6kg each”-explained Dr Nanditha, Neonatologist at Kangaroo Care Hospitals, Kalidasa road, Mysuru.

Lakshmi, mother of triplets (two boys and a girl), is happy about welcoming her three babies.

“Through scan, I came to know I am pregnant with a triplet. To start with I was showing with other doctor but she didn’t instill me confidence and was also not sure about the survival of all three babies. Hence for quality health care for triplet, I searched google for the best hospital. I came across Kangaroo Hospital who had delivered triplets babies earlier. Immediately I contacted the hospital where I came across Dr Leelavathi. After following their advice I managed to deliver triplet babies in 30 weeks. To gain weight, babies were kept in the NICU for 23 days. Now all the three babies are doing well and thank all the hospital staffs”.

Kangaroo care Hospital has been part of many such success stories since it began its operation in Mysuru more than a year ago.

– Team Mysoorunews 


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