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To one hilarious journey – “Middle class Samsaara”

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Bharathi Hurugal 

Mysuru: Life is a mixture of emotions: happiness, grief or be it comedy or tragedy. The emotional factor in life is always not very certain. It changes according to different circumstances. But in all, life is a beautiful journey that is to be enjoyed. This is the message conveyed in the play “Middle Class Samsaara”.

Veeru theatre trust in co ordination with Sarantha (Theatre team) of Mahajana First College presented this beautiful play called “Middle class Samsaara” ,written and directed by Shreyas P at Kirurangamandir on 2nd April, 2023.


The play was a hilarious piece wherein it depicted the so called “middle class life” of Lakshmakka and Puttanna, the protagonists along with their joint family. What are the problems that they face being a middle class family? How are they able to overcome them? These are the gists of the play. The most beautiful factor of this play is that all the difficulties of middle class family is shown in a very comic way. The comic essence in the play attracted the audience. At the same time, aspects like family bonding, relationship, love, compassion, and other such values are always conveyed very intelligibly.

The actors in the play did not act, but they lived their characters. The audience were enthralled by the story line up, the performance and whole the presentation which made the show a grand success. The housefull Kirurangamandir was fascinated by the play and it was indeed a visual treat to the audience which made it a blockbuster.

-Team Mysoorunews


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