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To appease serpent God, villagers chop tree, risk lives of roosting birds

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Mysuru: At a time when the trees are chopped in the name of development, a group of villagers axed the branches of a tree to keep the roosting birds away and the issues related to it.

Branches of a peepal tree that was chopped in Kupya village

As a result, hundreds of birds lost their nests and some hatchlings were also killed and injured, with bird lovers venting their anguish against the villagers rude behaviour with winged friends.

This heart rending incident happened at Kupya village 25 kilometres away from the city headquarters.

Hatchlings that fell from the tree

Villagers chopped the tree branches as they were not okay with the bird droppings damaging the surface, which is considered sacred. The peepal tree stands at the centre of the village, and devotees have installed Nagara Kallu (embosed stones of serpent God). It is alleged that the droppings of the migratory birds was defacing the stones of serpent God.

Egret birds and hundreds of other species of birds were roosting on the tree. Following the sudden chopping of the branches, hundreds of birds died and hundreds of other birds were also injured severely. Some of the birds legs were cut and wings were injured in other birds.

Ajay Kumar Jain treating a bird

Mysuru based bird rescuer Ajay Kumar jain of Pragathi Prathisthan who received a call from one of the villagers to rescue the injured birds, immediately rushed to the spot and rescued 14 egrets and is treating them.

It is a painful incident as egrets migrate to Kupya village and build nests for breeding purpose. Now, hundreds of birds have lost their nests and most are small birds, Ajay rued.

Injured bird

Ajay Kumar Jain has brough the incident to the notice of DCF (wildlife) V Karikalan, but there is no clue yet over the action taken in the case.

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