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Tibetans in Mysuru take out rally against Chinese regime

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Mysuru: Scores of Tibetans took out a protest march in the city on Saturday, condemning the present unrest under the regime of Prime  Minister Xi Jinping in China.

The protest march started from DC office and culminated at Townhall.

According to the organisers “This is mainly to show our solidarity with Tibetans suffering under Chinese brutal rule and lobby causing the present unrest in China”.

Members of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Hunsur, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Bylakuppe and Mysore Students Association participated in the march.

The rallyists held a portrait of Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, raising slogans- down down Xi Jinping- demanding the ouster of the Chinese premier.

According to the press note “The ongoing protest in China is not just an event, it’s beginning of a movement to free China and it’s likely to pan out in coming days and months”.

As Tibetans, the Chinese Communist regime has created growing hardships for Tibetans while implementing its harsh and inhuman Zero-Covid policy in Lhasa and other regions in Tibet. Owing to which, many Tibetans used social media to air their frustration against the Chinese authorities and many Tibetans have reportedly been detained for the simple act of sharing Covid-related photos and videos online.

In late October 2022, a video footage emerged of a rate large-scale protests against the Zero- Covid regime in the Tibetan Capital, Lhasa. Multiple videos on social media show hundreds demonistrating and clashing with police. They are said to be mostly ethnic Han Chinese migrant workers.

Since then, the situation escalated into a movement. We’ ve seen an extraordinary number of protests break out across cities and universities in China and East Turkistan over the past few days. Demonstrators have been calling for the end of lockdowns and frequent mass testing but demands for democracy, freedom and an end to online censorship.

Reported shants that have been heard include: “Democracy and rule of law! Freedom of expression!”, “Don’t want dictatorship, want democracy!” and “We don’t want lockdowns, we want freedom!,” “Give want dictatorship, want democracy!” and “We don’t want lockdowns, we want freedom!,” “Give me back my freedom!”

At extraordinary risk, crowds chanted for the Chinese Communist party and leader Xi Jinping to step down. By the last Sunday a wave of demonstrations expressing both solidarity with Urumqi and local frustrations had spread to cities including capital Beijing, shanghai, Chengdu, wuhan, Xian, Lanzhou, Nanjing, and dozens of university campuses.

The protests have ranged from small numbers of people to thousands gathering for candlelit vigils and peaceful street protests. In some places, protesters have pushed through control measures and barriers, and in shanghai, there were clashes with police.

Demonstrators are holding candles, mobile phone torches, and blank pieces of white paper as a symbol of the denial of free speech and overwhelming censorship. Netizens are finding creative ways to share videos and posts about the protests, express solidarity or complain about authorities.

As the rest of the world returns to something resembling a normal life, those living under Chinese Communist party rule are still being subjected to harsh lockdowns and denial of freedom and basic rights.

Therefore, Tibetan Youth Congress extend our support and solidarity to the anti-government demonstrators, who are calling for the democratic reform and end to Xi Jinping’s dictatorship.

We hope that the flame of freedom that sparked out of the Chinese netizens will continue to burn until the attainment of freedom and democracy under the rule of law”, the release added.

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