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Teacher’s Day Special: Future coders in the making at Govt School on Nanjangud-Chamarajanagar border

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Mysuru: At Hedathale Government High School on Nanjangud-Chamarajanagar border where 80 per cent of the students belong to economically weaker section of the society, none would have imagined these students to learn coding and even solving difficult science and Mathematics experiments.

But, a visit to this school in a non-descript place like Hedathale would prove otherwise. With the Wi-Fi-enabled lab, students of Class VIII, IX and X are using various tech-driven innovative learning methods to understand new-age topics. And this has been made possible with their teacher S Harsha, who has been teaching Mathematics here for the past 15 years.

Firmly believing that technology is an added asset to Mathematics teacher, Harsha uses various software platforms like Robocompass and other free sources to train students.

In fact, he and other faculty of the school ensured that students have a WiFi-enabled lab, equipment like Raspberry Pi devices to help them excel in understanding difficult topics.

Post-Covid, with the help of tech-driven teaching methods, he has begun coding classes on a weekly basis. There are over 50 students who are learning coding and can demonstrate it too.

Harsha is equipped himself with graphics and animation skills that he extensively uses to teach difficult subjects like magnetic waves and electricity generation and also some mathematics problems.

A tech-savvy, Harsha has been using various social media platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp and blogs to explain complex mathematical problems to help scores of students. His videos are loaded with information and are easy to understand, considering Mathematics and Science, ‘hard nuts to crack’. They are very popular among student community.

In fact, one such videos of Harsha drew the attention of a firm in Bengaluru that has gifted high-end interactive boards to the school.

“I am driven by the technology that offers endless methods to make my classroom, new every day. I wanted to help my students to learn coding which are considered a ‘luxury’ for students of government school. Today, with the help of technology, it has been made possible,” Harsha told Mysoorunews.com. His efforts are bearing fruit as the students who were earlier lagging behind in maths and science are now putting up their best by scoring above 95 marks. “They are in no way inferior to students taught in some of the best top private institutes,” he said.

As a testament to this, one of his students recently got admitted to SJCE, a premiere college of engineering in Mysuru through merit seat. “His parents are not financially sound. But that has been their dream to see their son in a good college,” Harsha said. “It is a proud moment for me as a teacher too,” he said adding his goal is to train the students for prestigious institutes like IIT.

He is grateful for all the support and motivation that he receives from his fellow-colleagues and administration.

“Technology has given me a new dimension to understand difficult topics. I am very excited to learn through interactive board,” chirped Anusuya, a student. She is one among many of his students who enjoy learning code language.

Harsha is among those countless unsung teachers in the world of science and mathematics, who foster curiosity, and inspire next generation of scientists and mathematicians.

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