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Students learn by doing at Pragnadeepa Learning Centre

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Mysuru: Practice makes permanent. The only way to learn a new concept or skill is to practice it than just reading or listening to it.




Today’s fast changing world demands the students to be able to apply their learning effectively in their future jobs/work environment. While exam scores based on theory knowledge are important, it is much more important to have right practical knowledge where students are able to apply it in their field. It is one of the most critical success factors in today’s competitive world.

Pragnadeepa Learning Centre emphasizes on concept-based learning in their coaching framework. Towards this, Pragnadeepa has conducted one day workshop on Science and Math on Sunday, May 28.

Well-qualified and experienced teachers demonstrated and conducted many experiments in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.


Later, students were allowed to do it themselves. Many students expressed that this practical knowledge helped in better visualization of the concepts they were learning and were able to relate it to the current technologies.

“Every student has unique strength and it is the responsibility of teachers and parents to identify and help them to develop and grow on their strengths. It enables every student to contribute their best to the society” says Team Pragnadeepa.

– Team Mysoorunews

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