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Snake in toilet creates scare at dawn!

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Mysuru: A man at Bharateeya Reserve Bank Note Mudranalaya Limited (BRBNML) quarters popular as RBI quarters at Metagalli woke up on August 21, to go numb for a while. He went to the toilet and opened the door and pat something fell on his palm. It was a snake.

Feared, he ran towards the room and started closing the door of all other rooms, fearing the uninvited guest may slither here and there.

He returned to the toilet, but the reptile was not seen.

Kemparaju a snake rescuer received the call and reached the house, but could not find the snake.

After sometime the snake was found hiding behind a pipe in the toilet.

To their relief, it was a wolf snake, of non-venomous species. But, snake is a snake, that shakes anybody at the first sight.

– Team Mysoorunews

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