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Snake enters ISHA Chikkaballapur Center, Sadhguru handles gently, releases into forest unharmed

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Bengaluru: This is in reference to the misinformed complaint to the Chikkaballapur District Forest official regarding the handling of a snake by Sadhguru, at an event at the Isha Yoga Centre.
Here is the exact sequence of events that transpired on the October 9 at the venue in Karnataka.
A snake had entered the vicinity of the Isha Yoga Center in Chikkaballapur by itself, during the consecration event of a Naga Deity at the Center.
For the safety of the snake and the people at the center, a volunteer brought it to Sadhguru’s notice. Sadhguru handled it gently and then asked that it be left safely in the nearby forest.
The snake was not harmed, trapped or transported in any way as mentioned in the complaint. The police present at the venue were aware of this incident.
To remove any misconceptions about snakes and to promote their conservation, Sadhguru mentioned at the event that a snake is a gentle creature and should not be hurt.
Sadhguru also said that snakes have unnecessarily been seen negatively, though they don’t harm human beings unless attacked, as a human being is not its food.
He mentioned that the number of people who die of snake bites are much lower than those who die from other causes like automobile accidents, but people have such a big fear of the snake which is totally unwarranted.
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