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Save Gramodyog Movement! 10 questions for elected representatives in next Assembly session

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Shivamogga: A rally was taken out from Shramajeevi Ashram, Honnnesara to Heggodu village Panchayat office. It is the beginning of Save Gramodyog (Save Rural Employment) Movement.

From Charaka co-op society Shramajeevi Ashram at Honnesara village to Charaka Society women along with north Karnataka weavers and gramodyogis (Rural Entrepreneurs) joined the rally.

Later Siddamma Golasangi a weaver from Vijayapura, Gowramma Charaka President, Charaka Board Director Mahalakshmi and Charaka Iron Department Employee Geeta gave 10 questions to people’s representatives through Heggodu village PDO Soumya.

10 Questions to elected representatives in the scheduled Legislative Assembly on 21-09-2020

1. Why has Karnataka fared so badly in the progress of rural employment compared to other south-Indian states?

2. Is it possible to achieve effective overall development of the state without strengthening rural employment?

3. In the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh, each artisan who lost job due to Corona pandemic received Rs 24,000 as compensation. But his/her counterpart in Karnataka has received only Rs 2000, in a badly administered manner. Why is this done?

4. Kerala state has come to the rescue of its all rural artisans by including them under MNREGA thereby doubling their incomes. Why is Karnataka unable to do this for our artisans?

5. Why has Karnataka miserably failed again and again to protect our handloom weavers by procuring uniforms for the poor school children in Government schools?

6. Even with regard to purchase of power-loom clothes, why has the state deprived owners and weavers of these units through buying the products from outside by giving baseless untenable reasons? Is this not injustice?

7. Is it not pitiable that state enterprises such as Priyadarshini Handlooms, Kaveri Emporium, Handloom Development Corporation among others, are on the verge of utter collapse? Are you aware that in the neighbouring Tamil Nadu, the Managing Director of the state-run Cooptex is no less a person than the state’s Chief Secretary?  Has it come to your notice that our own Handloom Development Corporation, Handicraft Board, Handloom and Textile Ministry, Khadi Board have all been pushed to oblivion?

8. Isn’t their truth in rural poor’s pitiful cry that the bureaucracy administering all rural development schemes in the state is steeped in corruption?

9. Why has the Khadi spinning programme gathered dust? Why are lakhs of our rural women spinners abjectly deprived of their livelihood?

10. Can we forget that we were a model of employment generation in the entire nation? Have we forgotten that the Badanavalu Khadi Institution was established by erstwhile Mysore government as early as 1917, a first in the country? Are we not the first to export Khadi products to other countries? Can we forget that we were the first to introduce silk production in the country? Who can deny that we were in the forefront of independence struggle and carved many constructive programmes in rural front? Can we forget that we stand third largest in country’s cotton production? Are we not proud that we are the second highest weaver-dense region in south India? Have we forgotten our own doyen of handicrafts and most revered freedom fighter Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay?

Despite these glorious legacies, why are we still so backward in creating sustainable rural livelihood?

Eminent activist and theatre person Prasanna, K G Krishnamurthy, Social Activist, Gram Seva Sangh President C Yatiraj, School of Natural farming Head Dr Manjunath,  Shivananda Kugwe, Vasant Kuhwe, Yesu Prakash, Mohan Murthy and North Karnataka Weavers leaders Vishwanath Kenchi, Shivashankara Mudalagi, L L Ghanti, Mallikarjuna Rawat, Badadani, Sangaya Mante, Ambareesh, local rural entrepreneurs like hair dresser community Raviprakash (Savita Samaj), Carpenter Manjunath Achar, DSS leader Nagaraj, progressive farmer Prabhakar Samshi, Garments Production units heads Sundar and Kulakarni expressed about the rural employment sectors in crisis today.

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