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Rudali- A tale of a woman who never wept, but ‘weeps’ later for a living

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Bharathi Hurugal

Mysuru: Bahuroopi is always known for its versatility. We come across different types and genres of plays, also multi-lingual staged here. Among them, ‘Rudali’ was one such eye-catching play.

‘Rudali’ is a Rajasthani play which was staged on Monday at Bhoomigeetha. It is written by Mahashwetha Devi and directed by Arvind Singh. The play was presented by New Delhi’s Sumukh Rangamandal. 
The story of ‘Rudali’ revolves around a character named ‘Sanichari’ who being born on Saturday gets this name. People believe that she is ominous, as no one in her family survives except her. Even after seeing series of deaths in her family, she stays strong and never cries. But the irony here is that she eventually gets into the work of Rudali- a woman who cries and mourns for money. She will be hired for weaping in front of the dead as a part of ritual. Sanichari being a person who never breaks down for anything, now has to cry deliberately for a living.
Though the plot seems very simple, the concept in it is abstract. Sanichari’s expressions, especially in the last scene made the audience’s eyes moist. Rajasthani costumes, as usual for its sartorial elegance was an icing on the cake.
Prasoon Narayan’s music set the tempo, while the design of the set was apt with natural elements and created a mood of rustic Rajasthani side. The play opens with eponymous Rajasthani dance that caught the attention of theatre buffs.
In all, ‘Rudali’ was a visual treat to the theatre lovers. 
Director speaks
Arvind Singh, Director of Rudali told Mysoorunews.comBahuroopi is a great festival. It has created a festive mood in all of us, at a time we can see seven to eight plays being performed in different theatres of Rangayana. People all over India with different culture, traditions and languages bind together here. The hospitality here is also so good. We feel very homely here. Me and our team feel lucky to be a part of this. Thanks to Rangayana”.
– Team Mysoorunews 

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