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Preparations for Dasara reaches another level! Elephants, horses acclimatised with Cannon sound

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Mysuru: Preparations for Dasara reached yet another stage on Thursday, with the elephants and horses successfully participating in the practice with cannon firing at the parking lot of the Palace.

Unlike previous years, elephants stayed calm without exhibiting any fears, even as the cannons were fired emitting a racuous sound.

Dasara elephants being brought for the practice with cannon firing at the parking lot of Mysuru Palace

A 30-member team of City Armed Reserve (CAR) police took part in the cannon firing practice to acclimatise the elephants for the D-day.

Though elephants Dhananjaya, Gopalaswamy and Lakshmi partially showed some fear, it was negligible compared to the previous years, when few elephants ran helter-skelter due to the burst of sound. Seven cannons fired three rounds each totalling 21 rounds.

CAR policemen preparing the cannons for practice

Forest personnel were also fully equipped and veterinarian Dr Ramesh was also a part of the exercise for the maiden time. The overall practice took nearly one hour and howdah elephant Abhimanyu stayed strong, remaining unperturbed, as he is known for, from the past several years.

Three small sized cannons and four of big size were used to fire. Short cannons were filled with 1.5 kg gun powder and long cannon with one kg gun powder. Each cannon was handled by three personnel and one firer who lits fire in time.

CAR policemen arranging gun powder for cannon practice

DCF (Wildlife) V Karikalan said “first round of cannon fire practice was completed successfully. Though three elephants Gopalaswamy, Dhananjaya and Lakshmi were partially feared, first timer Ashwathama elephant stayed stronger. Two more rounds of practice are planned in the coming days.”

Cannon firing is a tradition in practice during Jamboo Savari. Cannon is fired in the backdrop of National Anthem within 53 seconds.

Forest personnel preparing the dart gun as a precautionary measure

Police Commissioner Dr Chandragupta said “it’s a regular practice and to familiar the elephants and horses of Mounted Police company. Our staff successfully took part in the first round of practice”, he added.

Chikkanna a CAR policeman said “I am participating in Dasara for the last 10 years and cannonĀ  firing is an integral part of the Dasara. It is considered as highest salute to the Goddess Chamundeshwari. Howdah elephant and other elephants and horses need to be familiarised with the sound. Our personnel have insurance cover for this particular act,” Chikkanna added.

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