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People of Mysuru, IAS officers fall prey to land mafia: AAP

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Mysuru: “Dream of Mysuru of becoming Corona Free by July 1 has been shattered by the sudden overnight transfer of Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri and MCC Commissioner Shilpa Nag by the Government of Karnataka, which has thrown the baby with the bath water,” alleged Malavika Gubbivani, District Convener of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Malavika urged the government to post Sindhuri back to Mysuru as it is not a wise decision to change the horses midstream.

The fight between the two IAS officers was not unresolvable. They could have mutually discussed it out or at the most taken the help of Regional Commissioner. There was no need for going to Suttur Mutt or bring on the Chief Secretary. The state government, with an intention to protect the exposure of real estate mafia, has conveniently transferred both of them to Bengaluru.

The real problem behind the transfer is the land mafia, which rules the roost. Ever since the DC started opening the files of these politicians, several MLAs and even MP has been training their guns on the DC. The land mafia activities used to leak out in bits and pieces since the time of former DC P Manivannan, but it used to get hushed up soon. This time there were rumours of a bigger exposure and hence several diversionary stories were floated around.

It is the duty of officers to give account of money spent and as soon as MP Pratap Simha asked for accounts of grants the DC published the accounts. Similarly when DC asked the MCC Commissioner too should have shown the accounts but instead, she took shelter in JSS Mutt. If the stories of DC misusing funds were true, then the government should have ordered an enquiry and taken proper action.

Moreover DC Rohini Sindhuri has earned a good name as an honest and strict officer earlier in Hassan and elsewhere.

Transferring both officers to Bengaluru was an act of escapism and not of solving problem. And in the middle of pandemic it is an outright act of cheating with people of Mysuru.

In the meantime people of Mysuru have to just wait and watch how the new DC and MCC commissioner will tackle the pandemic and make Mysuru Corona Free, Malavika added.

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