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On World Snake Day, rescuer Suryakeerthi has a message for all

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Mysuru: On World Snake Day observed on Friday, snake rescuer Suryakeerthi explained about the significance of snakes especially in the urban parts.

Suryakeerthi with the help of graphics, emphasised how snakes help in preventing the spread of epidemics by preying on rats and rodents. It is also a farmer’s friend for checking the population of rats and rodents which feed on the crops.

Referring to the generally heard demand of the people to release snakes in forests and Chamundi Hill, Suryakeerthi said ” It will create territorial fight among the reptiles. It will also lead to increase in the population of reptiles and trigger a fight for mating partnets in the forests.”

If the snakes remain in the city, it will largely help in maintaining an ecological  balance too, said Suryakeerthi.

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