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Nowadays, feminism is more than necessary

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Dhatri Bharadwaj
There are many topics which are being discussed very often these days and feminism tops the list. But sadly, feminism is being projected just as an opposition to traditionalism. But the core areas where filthy patriarchy is still being practiced are still untouched by many feminists. 
Firstly, traditionalism and feminism are two different things. They are definitely not antonyms. Restricting the term ‘feminism’ just to oppose traditions is nothing but hilarious. There are many dimensions of feminism and as a society; we have to choose the right dimension which serves the core purpose of it.  
I was brought up in a very traditional family. Our family practices each and every culture and tradition. But I have never witnessed filthy patriarchy and am damn proud about it! Till date, men and women work equally at kitchen in our house. Dad does vegetable chopping, coconut scraping and mom cooks the food. We still see men in our house sweeping, mopping, washing vessels and do many other household chores and all of them are proud about it. 
These days, feminism is more than necessary. I have no second thought about it. But it has to be implemented, rather imposed at right places and the practice of pointing out only traditional families with regard to feminism should be discouraged. On the other hand, men should realize that dominance is not their birthright. When the society is okay with women going out and working like men, it should also accept men helping women in household chores. Isn’t it as simple as that! 
In most of the rural areas and few urban areas of our country, there exist families which still discourage women to go out and work, which still practices patriarchy in the name of social taboo. I have seen many rural as well as urban families which belong to so-called progressive castes not allowing women to interfere in financial matters, businesses and restricting them to kitchen. I have even seen many of them indulging in domestic violence as a sign of filthy patriarchy. 
Rather than blaming traditions for everything, feminism should be imposed mainly in rural India, where domestic violence is still a common thing, where women is restricted to kitchen, where the power of raising voice against abuse and inequality is the preserve of only men, where it is still compulsory for women to look after kids, cook food and do household chores but men is free from all these responsibilities merely because of his gender!
– Team Mysoorunews

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