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No public namaz allowed during Ramadan, says GOI order

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Bengaluru: Fasting in the holy month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is considered as the most blessed month by the muslims around the World. Ramadan is to commence from April 24 or 25.

Government of India has issued an order cited under Ref (1) above, stating that all religious places / places of worship shall be closed for public. Religious congregations are strictly prohibited due to outbreak of COVID 19 across the country.
The Secretary to Government Central Waqf Council, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India, has issued direction/advisory notice cited under Ref (2) above, that suspension of gathering for congregational prayers/majlis, Iftar in Masjid, Dargah, Imam Bara’s etc., during the month of Ramadan to prevent spread of Corona Virus.
This office has issued circular cited under Ref (3) above, that Azan shall be given at low decibel and Namaz (Prayer) including Friday prayers to be performed by the Pesh Imams, Muazzins and Masjid staff only. No public should be allowed to offer Namaz in the Masjid as per Government directions.
The Chief Executive Officer, Karnataka State Board of Auqaf has issued an Order cited at Ref (4) above, that No public shall be allowed to offer Namaz in the Masjid / Dargahs including Jumma Namaz and all the Management of Masjid / Dargahs throughout the State to make announcements of pre-recorded authorised audio clip in three languages (four times in a day through public address system of Masjid / Dargahs
The Imarat-e-Sharia, Karnataka have issued directions cited at Ref (6) above to all the Muslims of Karnataka, regarding Ramadan Sehri / Fasting / Iftar / offering Taraweeh prayers during the lockdown, which have to be duly followed by all the Muslims across the State.
The Chief Executive Officer KSBA has already issued orders regarding suspension of congregational prayers in all the Masjid / Dargah throughout the State till April 14. In view of the extension of lockdown up to May 03 and the impending holy Ramadan there is a need to issue the following directions to the Management of the Masajid / Dargah.
Hence, the following orders 
1) No public shall be allowed to perform five times congregational prayers including Jumma and Taraweeh prayers in the Masjid.
2) No Public address system shall be used by the staff of the Masjid for offering Namaz including Jammu and Taraweeh.
3) Azan shall be given at low decibel through Public address system.
The Muazzan or Imam of the Masjid to make announcements regarding the end of Sahri and beginning of Iftar as usually made during the month of Ramadan. No Public address system shall be used by the staff of the Masjid for offering Namaz including Jammu and Taraweeh.
4) No arrangements of Dawat-e-Sehri / Iftar shall be organised.
5) No Preparation of Porridge (Ganji / Aash / Juices) in the Masjid premises for distribution in the mohallas.
6) No battery shop near the Masjid / Dargah shall allowed to be installed.
The Management of Waqf Institutions are directed to follow this Order and all the Orders issued earlier by earlier by Chief Executive Officer KSBA regarding COVID-19 scrupulously in the larger interest of public health. Any violations will attract the provisions of Waqf Act 1995. The Management shall intimate the Jurisdictional Station House Officer / Police Station about this order and action taken in this regard.
The CEO KSBA shall ensure that all the Waqf Officers, Districts Waqf Advisory Committees in the State shall adhere to the Order and direct them to circulate the same to all the Management of Masjid / Dargahs and ensure that the Order is followed scrupulously. Any dereliction in this regard will be viewed seriously.
Secretary to Government Minority Welfare, Waqf and Haj Department, Bengaluru stated in a press release.
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