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No act is too small as NGOs, volunteers join hands to fight Corona virus

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Mysuru: The district administration is leaving no stone unturned to fight the spread of the Corona virus in Mysuru.

Apart from the emergency service personnel who are in the frontline to contain the virus and treatment of the affected, some volunteers are doing their bit to fight the disease, for no act is too small in this hour of crisis.

Volunteers of Credit-I distributed essential materials to construction workers at Bandipalya, Talur and D Salundi in Mysuru. (Photos above and below)

Many volunteers and NGOs are working tirelessly ever since the pandemic broke out in Mysuru. Be it creating awareness on the disease or distributing masks or essential goods to the needy, volunteers are sharing the responsibility.

The Credit-I, a non-government organization that functions from Ballal Circle has taken up the herculean task of educating the workers of unroganised sectors, especially construction workers.

“Most of these workers have no clue what the pandemic is all about. They are just worried that they are not able to go to their work and earn a living ever since the lockdown was implemented,” points out Dr MP Varsha, founder of Credit-I.

The Credit-I has been visiting the pockets where construction workers reside and educating them about the use of sanitization and social distancing.

Sharing his experience with the Mysoorunews.com, Dr Varsha said that many of them do not know about hand sanitisers. “When we presented them a bottle, they thought it was some sort of tonic to prevent them from the virus,” Dr Varsha said.

A team from the organisation explained the workers about sanitisers, its importance and usage. The team has been distributing box containing sanitisers, masks, soap and a pack of biscuit throughout the district.

The Credit-I has been working mainly on education and empowerment of women since 2007. 

When asked was it easy to get involved as Corona posed new challenges, Dr Varsha said “Being a professional social worker, I have my own responsibilities. This was not the regular crisis, so it took lot more planning to execute. Besides, we had to take care of the members who could be risking their lives when on field. But, it’s my duty to do my bit to the society,” said Dr Varsha.

Free sanitisers to PKs, cab drivers

But, it was not that easy for Shivashankar K S Shivashankar jumped into volunteering to fight the virus. He distributed free sanitisers among pourakarmikas and taxi drivers. But later they had to stop it as they could not get the raw material enough from Hyderabad, due to lock down.

“But, I’m still ready to do my bit to the City. If the opportunity comes up again, will take up,” Shivashankar told Mysoorunews.com

Ex-serviceman waiting

Even Raghavendra, an ex-serviceman with the CRPF has contacted the DC office offering to volunteer. But he has not got any response from them, yet.

“We have a union of ex-servicemen and we want to do our mite to the society in this hour of crisis. We could help the police in maintaining law and order or other related tasks. But we are yet to get a call from the DC’s office,” said Raghavendra.

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