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New Year party! Bouncers are in good demand

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Mysuru: It’s that time of the year again, when youths want to groove to the hilt. If they go out of control, the macho men will be there to rein in them.

Yes, the burly men roped in as bouncers who have become a must for any pubs and bars and restaurants where party minded freak out and jive, to keep the crowd under control, are in a great demand on the eve of New Year 2020.

A bouncer told Mysoorunews.com ” Those on the regular job, especially at high end hotels have been told to engage more bouncers as the crowd is expected to swell this time. While it’s common for the regular party goers to drop in any time within closing hours, there will be newcomers who will be not aware of rules and regulations in place. After consuming one peg too many, there are chances of some behaving in an unruly manner. Bouncers come in handy at such times”.

However, the demand is more in Bengaluru, the most happening metro city in the State, where bouncers are hired on a regular basis. If one is sheepy in look, the chances of landing the job as a bouncer is high. More than that, communication skills in English and other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam will be an added advantage, considering the mixed demography of Bengaluru.

Starting from entry point to inside the party hall, everything will be under bouncers control. If anything goes awry, they will be in to ‘convince first and show the doors next’, depending on the situations.

They will be handsomely paid either in bulk for contract or for the day. It may range from thousands to lakh, depending on the day’s turn out.

– Team Mysoorunews

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