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Mysuru Travels Association complains harassment by RTO officials; threaten not to alloy vehicles without pre-booking

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Mysuru: Members of the Mysuru Travels Association have complained that they are being harassed by the Regional Transport Officials in Mysuru under the guise of obtaining vehicles for poll purposes.

Expressing their dissatisfaction over the RTO officials’ dictatorial attitude, the members said that their harassment is causing a great inconvenience to travellers visiting Mysuru.

The RTO officials barge into our office and are taking the vehicles from the office, without a pre-request. “There is a procedure to seek vehicles from the office. But the RTO officials have thrown even the basic manners to the wind and are taking our vehicles,” the members complained. There are customers who have pre-booked vehicles and it becomes difficult for the association to arrange alternative vehicles for the customers when the officials take away their vehicles without any pre-request.

They further said that they understand the necessity of vehicles for officials during the election and they would be happy to assist. But they cannot be dictated that could cause inconvenience to their customers and to their business.

In a memorandum submitted to Regional Transport officer, RTO West, the members observed that “Several incidents have come to our notice where vehicles have been stopped midway and taken away leaving the customers stranded. This is not the way to take vehicles. If they inform us prior, we would be happy to allocate vehicles for poll purposes.”

Instead of this, they suggested a meeting of travel agents be convened by the deputy commissioner and have proper guidelines in place to seek vehicles from travel agents. They submitted a memorandum in this regard to the deputy commissioner as well.

They threatened not to allot any vehicles for poll duty, if a proper meeting is not convened in this regard.

Meanwhile, the members also complained that there are pending dues to be paid by the officials who have used their vehicles for eight months. When asked RTO officials, they ask the association to approach the deputy commissioner. At the deputy commissioner’s office there are no funds yet to pay for the association. “How are we expected to run a business like this,” they asked.

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