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Mysore Covid Support! Help is just click away for needy

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A team of 15 core people forming doctors, healthcare workers, engineers, IT professionals, etc., are on board running the website. Over 3.5 lakh views in 10 days
Mysuru: With no sight of relief from Covid-19 pandemic yet, there is a more of sorrow than any relief to share especially in the second wave.
It is common to hear people crying over lack of bed, oxygen, ambulance, medicine and whatever is needed to save a Covid patient.
A lot of time does get wasted in searching about the same via Google and local contacts. And, most of the numbers are either not in use or fake, thus adding to the agony.
Being a witness to all these travails, a group of doctors of K R Hospital came together to build a virtual platform keeping in pace with the growing technology, with online gaining more traction than offline in bridging a gap nowadays.
MYSORE COVID SUPPORT- a website cum app took birth in no time and found patronage in the same speed.
Dr Abhishek Krishna from K R Hospital, a part of the initiative told Mysoorunews.com “As most of us are doctors we had no technical knowledge, but still we made this app cum website after gleaning information from few tutorials and help from our friends.”
“Although most of us are busy 24√ó7 in covid duties, still we wanted to do something for Mysuru,” adds Dr Abhishek in an affirmative tone.
Click on the website one can see around 20 categories of services including Ambulance Oxygen, Covid testing, Hospitals, Blood banks, Home delivery, Pharmacies, Meal services, Veterinary services, Covid care centres, Crematorium services, Disinfection services etc.,
Under each category almost all service providers available in Mysuru are listed. The main motto is to connect people to the needs within a few seconds.
The website cum app is very simple to use.
A phone call can be directly made from the app in a jiffy to the required service provider thereby saving much time.
“When we started this initiave we were only three doctors, and gradually we built a team of 15 core people who are doctors, healthcare workers, engineers, IT professionals, etc., Also we have 60 volunteers who call up and verify each and every resources, before posting on our website. The website gets updated on a real time basis as and when we add any new detail,” said Dr Abhishek.
So far in a span of 10 days the website has recorded almost 3.5 lakh views and is growing.
We are closely working with few NGOs espiacelly with a group called – Helping Hands. They are leading from the front in assisting in bed allotments, providing free food, medicines to the poor and many more things, he added.
Mysuru City Corporation commissioner Shilpa Nag lauded efforts for starting such an initiative in the city, says Abhishek with a tinge of pride.
It has an active twitter account and a WhatsApp helpline. Whatever request is received, it will be coordinated and made sure that the needy person gets help.
We know that our’s is not a very big organisation, but it has benefited so many Mysureans in a big way. That is what keeps us going, says Dr Abhishek.
The core team includes- Dr Siddarth, Harsha, Dr Harshitha, Dr Sangamithra, Dr Sushantha, Soumyashree, V N Lakshmi, Nived, Dr Nikitha, Dr Divya, Ashwin, Pruthvi, Ashwini, Dr Sushmitha and Dr Nagaraj.
Website cum App : www.mysorecovidsupport.com
– Team Mysoorunews

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