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Music again! Mysore Vasudevacharya’s house echoes with concerts

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Mysuru: A house with country tiled roof near Sahakara Bhavan on New Sayyaji Rao road often reverberates with music.

With a motley group of music connoisseurs in audience, hearing to the mellifluous renditions of vocalists and percussionists, music brings alive the house that was once abandoned for decades, though it was the abode of doyen in the realm Mysore Vasudevacharya.

With a prefix ‘Sangeeta Kalanidhi’ Mysore Vasudevacharya was one of the reputed Vaggeyakaras (music composer) of 20th century. He was also asthan vidwan at the court of Wadiyars at Mysuru Palace, which is a few minutes walk from the dwelling of Vasudevacharya.

Archana Koviladi performs at the house of Mysore Vasudevacharya in Mysuru on Saturday

Coming back to the music echoing again, hitting the walls of the good old house, it makes for an intriguing story which dates back to five years in 2017, when Putty brothers-R Sreenivas Putty and R Yadupathi Putty (sons of noted artist late Raghotham Putty) started a campaign to restore the glory of music in the dilapidated house that was.

Yadupathi Putty a retired faculty of civil engineering, wrote a letter to a reputed newspaper of Mysuru, with sincere efforts to draw the attention of the authorities concerned. Their efforts finally fructified with a person in the knowhow of Vasudevacharya’s descendants, now in Bengaluru, helping them in contacting them. The Putty brothers, the music connoisseurs themselves, had the only intention of reviving the glory of music at the house, where ‘Doddavaru’ (referring to Vasudevacharya as a big personality) lived once.

Recalls Sreenivas Putty to Mysoorunews.com “When we came in contact with Vasudevacharya’s great grandson in Bengaluru, we explained the latter about our plans to infuse a new lease of life to the house by making it a hub of music. Having immense faith in us, the great grandson of Vasudevacharya came down to Mysuru and opened the lock of the house. The wide meshed windows of the verandah had been covered with sheets”, explains Sreenivas Putty about the pathetic condition of the house then.

It is the house where even renowned M S Subbulakshmi performed in front of Vasudevacharya, says Sreenivas Putty explaining about the significance of the house.

Often expressing his gratitude to the descendants of Vasudevacharya who consented to the very idea, Sreenivas Putty explained how music has been binding the art lovers in this house, with music concerts organised regularly in the last five years.

While two years were lost in Covid-19 pandemic induced situation, the music concerts resumed, with the overwhelming response witnessed in the ongoing year. Such is the response that, the music concerts in this house are scheduled till July 2023, says Sreenivas Putty with pride.

Tulsi plant at the backyard of the house


What makes it further interesting is, the vocalists and percussionists of repute themselves volunteer to perform in the house that is testimony to the compositions of a maestro like Vasudevacharya, which they consider it as a rare privilege and divine blessing above all.

The likes of Dr T K Murthy of Chennai, considered as doyen of mridanga who played percussion for noted Carnatic vocalist like M S Subbulakshmi, Dr Sukanya Prabhakar, R N Srilatha from Mysuru and many have enthralled the music buffs here, without expecting any remuneration.

The practice continues still, with Putty brothers arranging light refreshments and sweets to the cognoscenti with the help of generous donors.

Whenever a concert is scheduled, Putty brothers joined by the likeminded clean the house on the eve. They are sometimes even helped in their task by those interested to do their mite.

Sreenivas Putty recalled one Guruvayurappan from Bengaluru who came down riding his motorcycle only to clean the house. The common interest in music was the only reason that brought Guruvayurappan in his late 50’s here. The list goes on with even reputed artistes in the field of music finding immense pleasure in readying the house, by dusting off the corners, without any qualms. 

Sreenivas Putty also a retired lecturer, however bemoans about how the miscreants have turned up the backyard of the house into a haven of boozing, which is evident with liquor bottles, strewn all over, whenever they come to clean the place.

Not many are aware about the history of the good old house, that was once in a decrepit condition, was where one of the best composers of princely State lived in.

Vasudevacharya lived in this house, till he moved to then Madras (now Chennai) to the call of music related works, a few years before his death at the age of 96 in 1961.

Mysuru which is known for its heritage and finest buildings which add to the value of heritage, also has the imprints of doyens left behind in many fields, that is slowly fading into oblivion, with the bug of modernity biting all.

Putty brothers endeavour not just deserves a standing ovation, but the generous help in all the ways to keep the music emitting from Vasudevacharya’s house for permanent, without any break.

But still, Putty brothers prefer to remain in the back stage, away from claiming the credit, as for the duo, music deserves the due credit.

It is evident with their simple and humble demeanour, greeting all with a smile. A pat for Putty brothers.

Music concerts

On Saturday, Archana Koviladi and Lakshmi Varun performed the music concerts, from 10.30 AM to 11.45 AM and 11.45 AM to 12.30 PM respectively.

On Sunday, a veena recital by Nalini Ravikumar from Chennai is organised from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM.

All the music lovers in Mysuru are welcome. 

– Team Mysoorunews 

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