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Meet the women force behind Four Founders PR firm

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Mysuru: This pandemic is a tidal turn for the industry to embrace the struggle and achieve their goal.

The need for effective communication during this crisis has emerged as a critical factor in recent times.

In such situations, here is Four Founders PR, a company driven by a team of young women, which is creating a wave in the realm of public relations.

Anjali K Gupta

Meet Anjali K Gupta, Shreya Gupta and Priya Singh, are the partners at Four Founders PR struggling hard to fulfil their dreams.

The key responsibility areas were diverse in the company where they started their career.

As Shreya was in Operations, Priya was in Influencer marketing and Anjali was Client Acquisition Head, one day it simply hit their mind to why not work for themselves, as there were various factors that they felt were halting their growth.

It was in November 2018, they resigned and ventured out of the organisation altogether and formed their own company named Four Founders PR.

They began exploring leads within their contacts, took little ventures in barter, eavesdropped people who looked proficient wherever headed and signed in all the Apps that were intended to network and generate business.

“At first, we faced an extremely difficult time as nothing comes simple but as we pushed forward we met many personalities who had confidence in us and our work.

Each time we met new individuals, we felt motivated as everybody during the excursion said “You young ladies are skilled, you will rock” and gradually we grew, built our association and placed ourselves in the Industry”, said Anjali K Gupta, CEO & Founding Partner, Four Founders PR.

She added, “Believe in magic and the universe will respond”. We got our first client from a man who had years of experience in Advertising and Marketing. We talked and only a week after he stated, “If you want to start your business, I will give you the Projects”.

That man kept his word and eventually we happened to work with a few brands”

In the span of a year, the company has handled 25 plus clients and was conferred Guru Ratna Award-2019 in a Young Women Entrepreneurs Category.

They shared, “Our only success mantra is – Dare to face your fear, take the risk and do better. Success isn’t about greatness, it’s about consistency. Nobody is born great, you will be faced with difficult situations but if you show up day after day and work hard, if you leave nothing on the table, at that point greatness and success will come.

You have the power, simply feel the potential that’s within you and keep moving, continue climbing and even when you reach the top, don’t stop!”

– Team Mysoorunews

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