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Mandya MLAs come together to oppose privatisation of Mysugar factory

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Mandya: Mandya MLAs have decided to stand united in opposing the privatisation of Mysugar factory. 

JDS MLA CS Puttaraju told media here on Monday that “MLAs from across the parties will meet the chief minister and urge him not to privatise the sugar factory that had been the lifeline of farmers here for years. He also said that he will appeal to restart the factory this year”.
Pandavapura Sugar factory and KR Nagar’s Srirama Sugar factory who are shareholders in the Mysugar factory have agreed for privatisation. The factory was the vision of Maharajas of Mysuru who got a go-ahead by Sir M Visvesvaraya, then Dewan of Mysuru . The government must protect the interests of the farmers, he added. 
When asked Mandya MP Sumalatha was in favour of the privatisation, Puttaraju said it is her personal opinion and he would not like to comment on it. 
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