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Lockdown effect! Binge-watching TV, cellphone may lead to vision syndrome

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Mysuru: Due to coronavirus and lockdown, most of the people including students are working and learning or studying from home through various means of online technologies. The dependency on mobile phones, computers and TVs has increased enormously, unless one cuts this down, it can lead to computer vision syndrome.

Dr K Satish, Head of Department, Eye Department, Mysuru Medical College Research and Institute said “Without any break and unsystematic use of computer or mobile phones will lead to Computer vision syndromes which include dryness or redness of eyes, headaches and eye strain. It may also lead to coronial complications. If they read like book it will be not a problem the monitor should be downside just like how we read books. For every 20 minutes we should take break from computer and should also keep blinking our eyes. Apart from this computer room that is where we are working in computer should be illuminated. If you are getting prickly sensation or redness or eyes consult ophthalmologist online”.Dr R Sowmya, Pediatric ophthalmologist, Sankara Eye Hospital said “With the lockdown and online courses for learning and teaching , time spent in front of screens are on a rise for children. This leads to redness, irritation, headache and importantly cause progression of powers in children with refractive errors. This is because of decreased blinking and nearness of screen causing strain on eye muscles (ciliary muscle).Prevention can be done by following simple steps like; -Use of larger screens by connecting mobile to smart TV using screen mirroring or by using web browser on smart TV – Follow rule of 20 , after every 20 min of activity, keep the eye closed for 20 seconds and look at farther distance for 20 seconds– Also keep a time slot for physical activities in the day.

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