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JSW Steel agrees to supply 400 tonnes of liquefied oxygen daily

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Bengaluru: In a big boost to the supply of oxygen, especially when there is a huge cry, the JSW Steel has agreed to supply 400 tonnes of liquefied oxygen per day to the state to treat COVID-19 patients.

This follows a meeting between Mines and Geology Minister Murugesh R Nirani and the representatives of JSW Steel led by Deputy Managing Director Dr Vinod Nowal.

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow exponentially in the state resulting in the hospitalisation of a huge number of patients. This in turn has resulted in the shortage of oxygen supply for patients admitted in the intensive care units (ICU) with serious condition. The overwhelming number of cases and shortage of oxygen supply has choked the health system in the state. Even the patients from well-off families and medical professionals have been struggling to get ICU beds and oxygen supply during this unprecedented global pandemic.

Amidst worsening situation in the state, Minister Murugesh Nirani took the initiative to augment the supply of oxygen to hospitals. He convened a meeting with representatives of several steel companies who produce liquefied oxygen in their plants for their use in steel production. The minister stressed on the need to produce oxygen in huge quantity to address the public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He urged the steel companies to respond to the crisis and produce oxygen on a war-footing and supply them to hospitals on priority basis.

Dr Vinod Nowal, Deputy Managing Director of JSW Steel agreed to supply 400 tonnes of liquefied oxygen per day and promised to extend all cooperation to the Karnataka government to tackle this crisis.

“Our companies commitment is towards Karnataka. We are equipped and ready to supply more tonnes of oxygen if demand arises,” Nowal said after the meeting.

Minister Nirani praised the steel companies for coming forward to manufacture and supply the oxygen to hospitals at a crucial juncture. He said the pandemic has thrown big challenges to our system and devastated many families. He further added that everybody should join hands with the government in defeating the deadly virus.

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