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India set to script history as countdown begins for the success of Chandrayaan 3 Mission

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Bengaluru: As the country is inching closer to scripting history on the lunar surface with the Chandrayaan 3 Mission on Wednesday, the high expectation among the people throughout the country is palpable. There are prayers being offered at various religious centres, arrangements are being made to live-telecast this landmark achievement in schools, public places, live commentary is being planned and what not.

The landing is expected to occur at 6.04 pm when Vikram, the Chandrayaan 3 lander will touch the moon.

India will become the first country to land near the South Pole and fourth country to soft-land on the surface of the Moon. The ISRO had made its earlier attempt to land on the south Pole in 2019 but failed.

The Chandrayaan 3 lander stands about 2 meters tall and has a mass of just over 1,700 kg that’s on par with an SUV. It will deploy 26-kg lunar rover.


While the citizens are excited to watch this historic event, the scientists at Indian Space Research Organisation are hoping for that sweet success that eluded since four years. “The Mission is on schedule. Systems are undergoing regular checks. Smooth sailing is continuing. The Mission Operations Complex (MOX) is buzzed with energy and excitement,” the ISRO tweeted.

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