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I am ‘Pratap Simmha’, Mysuru- Kodagu MP changes name

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Mysuru: What’s there in a name? This is the most cliched phrase that comes into circulation occasionally when the celebrities change their names according to numerology, with addition or omission of the alphabets.

The numerology is in circulation again as Mysuru- Kodagu MP Prathap Simha has gone for a change of name. Now onwards he should be  addressed as ‘Pratap Simmha’, the changes being dropping a letter ‘h’ and adding ‘m’ to his name.

Being a MP and the general elections to Lok Sabha due to be held in May 2024, Simmha’s name change is viewed in different angles.

It is widely believed that ‘name change’ brings luck and it could be Simmha’s belief also, going by the recent political developments at the national level with BJP facing a tough fight from I.N.D.I.A a bloc of 30 and more political parties led by Congress party. Even though, BJP leads a pack of 20 and more parties in coalition at the centre, with a recent truck with former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda led Janata Dal (Secular) having a vast presence in Karnataka, mainly old Mysuru region, the going may be not that easy for Simmha to get ticket this time again, albeit being a second term MP, with many expected to throw their hat in the ring.

Even if Simha succeeds in getting the ticket, the contest will surely be of high voltage, with Mysuru being the home turf of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

MP Simmha who is looking to score a hat-trick in the forthcoming elections, seems to be leaving nothing to chance, when it comes to exploring all the ways towards the road to success.

There are several instances of name change in the past, including the veteran leaders like former Chief Ministers B S Yediyurappa (previously B S Yeddyurappa), J Jayalalithaa (of Tamil Nadu who was earlier known as Jayalalitha) and our very own former MLA of Krishnaraja Assembly constituency S A Ramadass (A Ramadas), former Mysuru MP A H Vishwanath (earlier H Vishwanath) and the list goes on.

Even celebrities, especially of filmdom like- Ajay Devgn (Ajay Devagan) of Bollywood, Sri Murali (Murali) of Sandalwood and several others have changed their names either by adding an extra alphabet to their name or omitting them, in anticipation of good omen.

To speak of good luck, they have tasted renewed success after changing their names. One should wait and watch, what’s in store for Simmha, with still a few more months left for the Parliamentary elections.

– Team Mysoorunews 

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