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Holiday for schools in Mysuru! Too late to be implemented in ‘order’!

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Mysuru: While the deputy director of public instructions (DDPI) declared holiday for schools across the district on Thursday, the order seems to have come too late to be implemented in toto.

Most of the schools start between 9 AM and 9.30 AM. The vehicles irrespective of school vans or private vehicles start picking up school going kids from 8 AM. However, the order declaring holiday in the wake of rainy situation came only after 9 AM. 

When Mysoorunews.com dialled some of the schools after receiving frantic calls from anxious parents, the authorities said “By the time, the orders came, schools had already resumed functioning for the day. Hence we will function till the normal working hours in the evening”.

While some of the schools, who found themselves in a tricky situation have decided to function at least till lunch break and declare half-a-day holiday. 

The school heads arrived on this conclusion to avoid chaos and confusion further as they have been flooded with calls from anxious parents after the news was flashed on TV.

In some cases, especially the working couples, they have expressed fears over leaving their wards alone, either on campus or home, if the holiday is declared all of a sudden.

With the region witnessing heavy rains from the days preceding reopening of schools on May 16, the authorities concerned should at least prepare well in advance in the interest of students safety, said some of the parents who were glued to TV.

When Mysoorunews.com tried to reach DDPI Ramachandra Raje Urs busy tone was repeatedly heard. 

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