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Hocking a loogie public in times of Covid 19, a health hazard, do civic authorities really care ?

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Mysuru: Spitting in public places is  universally considered an unacceptable form of social behaviour that evokes strong feelings of revulsion to helpless and hapless onlookers.

Beyond that this disgusting act is also fraught with the danger of transmitting  contagious diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis, viral meningitis to name just a few. The awareness of the transmission of  diseases in the past led to the launching of public awareness campaigns against it in Europe and elsewhere.

However, it is rather surprising that  despite the outbreak ofthe Covid 19 pandemic , little has been done to combat the loathsome practice as the dreaded carona virus is known to be transmitted in the respiratory droplets. There is absolutely no question that hocking a loogie in public places – roads, parks and public avenues – is the most familiar spectacle across the country. This is perhaps due to lack of civic sense and  social manners. There is also a law against spitting in public in many states of India including Karnataka. The Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 2013 defines spitting in public – on roads, streets, bus stations, railway stations, parks, playgrounds as a nuisance which is punishable with a fine of Rs 100 for the first offence and Rs 200 for subsequent offences.

And yet the law remains on paper, as violators get away with the widely prevalent nuisance with impunity putting in jeopardy the health and lives of the public at large.

Given the fact that the virus spreads like wildfire through respiratory droplets, it is imperative that the government should launch an effective campaign all over the country to create public awareness about the health hazard of spitting in public  in order to defeat the deadly disease, as it hardly figures in the health advisories of the Governments. Advertisement campaigns on the Do’s and Dont’s to tackle the spread of the virus.

And now is perhaps the time for civic authorities to capitalise on the scary situation created by the virus to create  a widespread awareness about the health hazard and against spitting in public.

M Jameel Ahmed,
Yadavagiri Extension

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