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Health minister chants ‘pancha sutras’ to change perception about govt hospitals

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Work dedicatedly to make Government hospitals world class. The recruitment is historic in terms of number of doctors recruited and the quick process

Bengaluru:Work with dedication and commitment to make healthcare services at Govt hospitals world class and strive hard to change people’s perception of about Govt facilities,” Health and Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar appealed to newly recruiter doctors.

Sudhakar virtually addressed the newly recruited 1,763 doctors who were inducted to the service by Health and Family Welfare Department on Wednesday.

Historic Recruitment

Sudhakar said the recruitment of doctors amidst pandemic has been historic because of three reasons.

Firstly, this is the biggest recruitment drive taken up by the Government for the Health department to recruit 1763 doctors at a time.

Secondly, this is the first time that the Department of Health and Family Welfare  has recruited doctors directly as KPSC was handling the recruitment process earlier.

Thirdly, this is also one of the quickest hiring drives by the Government. This large recruitment drive was completed in a record time of six months, he explained.

Five Sutras to transform Public Health care

Appealing to the newly recruited doctors to work with commitment and honesty, Sudhakar said that, “Government hospitals are being looked down upon by many today. It is not without a reason. You will have to bring in fresh enthusiasm, energy, and attitude to government hospitals. The system can be changed and government hospitals can become world class. But it requires your commitment and determination.”

Sudhakar suggested five sutras to the newly on boarded doctors and said, “I want you to remember these ‘pancha sutras.”

Firstly, patient-centricity. There is a need to make government hospitals more patient-centric.

Secondly, punctuality. The common complaint that we hear today is that doctors are very casual about their duty hours in government hospitals. We need to change this mindset. We need to work like private sector. We have a duty towards our citizens, who pay our salaries through taxes they pay.

Thirdly, quality of treatment. Government hospitals have top quality medical infrastructure, yet all the well-to-do people go to private hospitals. There is a need to change that trend. We need to make our service standards match private sector hospitals. You would have succeeded the day middle- and upper-class people prefer government hospitals over private hospitals.

Fourthly, upkeep of the hospitals. Though most of the government hospitals have sprawling campuses in prime locations in the cities and towns, their upkeep is rather poor.

Fifthly, honesty and commitment. Many of the doctors from government hospitals allegedly work in private clinics and hospitals. The government spends a lot of money and resources on you, I urge you to dedicate yourself to your work.

Most of the patients who come to government hospitals seeking treatment belong to lower strata of our society. The purpose of Government hospitals is to ensure that these poor and marginalized people don’t incur out-of-pocket expenditure to avail health care services. Doctors need to work as a bridge between government and people to fulfill this purpose, he added.

Encouraging the doctors to serve in rural areas, Sudhakar also said that doctors have an important role to play in removing vaccine hesitancy. Saluting the doctors who sacrificed their lives battling covid and calling them martyrs, minister requested the doctors to take care of their health even as they serve others.

Jawaid Akhtar, ACS Health and K V Trilokchandra, Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare and other senior officers were present in the virtual meeting.

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