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HCG Bharath Cancer Hospital introduces first revolutionary molecular imaging for advanced cancer treatment in Mysuru

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Mysuru: Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology, an exclusive hospital treating cancer patients has introduced a state-of-art molecular imaging PET CT scanner (Gallium scan) for advanced cancer treatment, the first of its kind in Mysore. Patients no longer will have to travel to other cities for advanced treatment as it is available now at Bharath Hospital. This will help in diagnosis and better treatment outcomes.

Dr B S Ajaikumar, Executive Director at HCG and Chairman at Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology, Dr K G Kallur, Director- Molecular imaging, HCG, Dr M S Vishveshwara, Chief Radiation Oncologist & Medical Superintendent and Dr Amogh K M, Senior, Onco Radiologist, HCG Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology were present for the launch.

A gallium scan is a diagnostic test that looks for infection, inflammation, and tumors. Gallium is a radioactive molecule, which is mixed into a solution. Aside from the injection, the test is painless and requires very little preparation. After evaluating the results from the Gallium scan, doctors can stage the disease more accurately and in turn help in achieving better treatment outcomes. It is now possible to diagnose with the increased certainty that this exquisite molecular clarity provides combined with high-definition technologies, excellent resolution, and images virtually free of motion.

Dr B S AjaiKumar, Executive Director at HCG and Chairman at Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology said, “We are elated to introduce molecular imaging PET CT scanner (Gallium scan), the latest technology at our hospital which will in faster and accurate detection of tumors. Patients are benefitted from this scan as it required a shorter examination time to determine the precise location of tumors. The right diagnosis could be one of the best weapons against cancer. We have brought high-quality care through a linear accelerator,PET scan, a pathology lab, and a multi-disciplinary clinic. These are all the necessary things needed to achieve high-quality cancer care with good outcomes at an affordable cost. This center has treated thousands of patients over the years with good outcomes meeting the global standards.We will be able to achieve precision and deliver appropriate treatment. We have always invested in the best of technology and expertise for our patients for improved outcomes. This is another milestone for us in achieving our goals towards precision medicine and outcomes on par with global standards.”.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr K G Kallur, Director, Molecular Imaging, HCG said “Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality among adults in India. We are introducing a new PET CT diagnostic tool called Onco view pet scan which is a proprietary molecule. Only two centers in the worldoffer this technology, one in Germany, second in HCG Bangalore and now third will be introduced in Mysuru at Bharath Cancer Hospital. Though we have had PET scans since 2014, we have upgraded with the latest one. Apart from the above facilities, we are also going to introduce two new scans, for which the patient had to travel to Bengaluru. Earlier diagnosis of prostate cancer was not available in the city, due to the unavailability of isotopes, but from now on these isotopes will be developed in Mysuru itself. Results will be available within a few minutes and the charge for this scan is very minimal”.

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