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Graffiti the ‘disturbing point of view’ at Chamundi Hill

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Mysuru: The authorities are making all the best possible efforts to offer tourists visiting the city new attractions on a platter. But, are the tourists showing equal response with a sense of accountability and responsibility.

The view point at the circle near the wireless station atop Chamundi Hill has turned into an eyesore. Graffitis mar the walls of the point, that provides a birds eye view of Mysuru city. It’s a sight to behold the city in eyes especially after dusk, especially when the city in lights emerges all aglow. You can gaze it from the ‘ View Point’.

The graffiti on the wall of ‘ View Point’ at Chamundi Hill in Mysuru. ( Photo Courtesy- Twitter- Mysuru Memes).

A cursory look on the graffiti gives adequate evidence of the hands behind them, with the names of Kasargod and Mallapuram both in Kerala, written on them. The registration numbers- KL 10 and KL 14 make it further clear about the breach of public decency and by whom.

It’s not possible for anybody to indulge in such pranks during daylight.

As a group of Twitter handle- Mysuru Memes raised the issue along with the photos, other Twitter handles having a concern for the city have taken potshots at many.

Mysuru Infrastructure has requested the police to check the entry of vehicles other than from Karnataka to the hill after 8 pm.

Mysurina Abhivruddhi- has demanded the police to trace the offenders and penalise them.

The same tweet has been tagged to district minister G T Devegowda, MP Prathap Simha, MLA Tanveer Sait, Deputy Commissioner, commissioner of police and many others abd there is no response yet.

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