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Get the best of ‘Solar Eclipse’ from Chamundi Hills on December 26

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Mysuru: Mysureans are really privileged to witness the most astounding, anticipated and striking ‘Annular Solar Eclipse’ visible on December 26, since it is visible from few prominent parts of India.
The rare phenomenon of the annular solar eclipse, or the ‘ring of fire, would be clearly noticeable in some parts of Southern India and the astronomy enthusiasts and connoisseurs are all geared up to witness the marvel that happens seldom.
The schedule
From Mysuru, the type of eclipse is preferably almost annular, but some refer this eclipse as partial as we cannot completely notice obscurity. The annular phase of this solar eclipse is not visible in Mysuru, but it can be observed there as a partial solar eclipse. The Moon covers a large portion of the Sun, so this is a spectacular sight.
Sequence of solar eclipse.
The percentage of obscurity of moon in  Mysuru is about 92% – 99%. Some of the places in Karnataka are privileged to witness the most exciting form of annular Solar Eclipse. The people of Bengaluru and Mysuru are privileged to witness almost annularity, but in Nanjangud and Gundlupet cent percent annularity can be noticed. A Pinhole Camera is the simplest way to view an eclipse, but the solar image will be inverted.
In Mysuru, eclipse observation has been arranged in many locations viz., Excel Public School, Department of Physics of University of Mysuru, Mysuru Science Foundation, Breakthrough Science Society, Hari Vidyalaya, KNC Innovative Global School, Sharada Public School, Sri Ramakakrishna Vidyashala and so on.
Astronomical Observatory of Excel Public School has been active from past five years in observing the heavens effortlessly. It is an encomiastic endeavor by the institution, establishing an observatory to impart excellent astronomy education. The observation of annular solar eclipse has been arranged on December 26 in this school for general public.
Observational Astronomer SA Mohan Krishna told Mysoorunews.com
Mysore Science Foundation (MSF) is one of the premier science associations of Mysuru, which is affiliated to Vigyaan Prasar has planned for observation of annular solar eclipse at Kutta, Virajapet, Madikeri and in Mysuru near Maharaja and Oval grounds for nearly 2000 children and general public.
At Kutta, cent percent annularity can be noticed. On this occasion, occurrence of eclipses, types of eclipse, science behind eclipse, myths and misconceptions, eclipse watching and safety shall be explained to the general public.
Additionally, hands-on activities viz., pinhole camera, ball and mirror activity for eclipse observation, demonstration of image projection, and making simple barometer and anemometer for the purpose of pressure and wind measurement shall also be taught. This association will arrange for specially tested solar goggles.
In Mysuru, the best viewing location is Chamundi Hills. Large telescopes or high magnifications are of little value for observing a solar eclipse. The similar type of annular solar eclipse happened in India on October 9, 1847 and the next can be seen from India in 2064. It is always recommended using binoculars or a small low-power telescope, since they both allow the entire Moon to be viewed during the event. Next solar eclipse can be seen on June 21, 2020. 
Next year, worldwide four lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses can be witnessed. But the most awaited annular solar eclipse falls on December 26 of this year.
So, do not forget to witness the solar eclipse on the day. Enjoy the rare celestial feast, Mohan Krishna added.
The University of Mysore is regarded to be one of the most prestigious universities in India. The Department of Physics is acclaimed to be the most resourceful department since 1960s due to the contributions of many stalwarts. In this department an astronomical observatory has been equipped with an eleven-inch astronomical telescope. For eclipse  watching, contact Dr Chandrashekar on 9448600121.
The science organization Breakthrough Science Society (BSS) was established in the year 1995 as a platform to create a new science movement in the country. The BSS is a registered non-profit social welfare organization. At present it is working in 14 States including Karnataka. In Mysore BSS is working among students through affiliated science clubs. BSS has organised science camps for school children. It brings out a popular science journal in English. During Earlier celestial events like Venus transit, total solar eclipse, lunar eclipse etc, BSS had organised public viewing, arranged solar filters for public.
This year also BSS will procure solar filter and a booklet about the annular solar eclipse and planning to arrange a public viewing in Mysuru on Dec 26.
Contact Avinash BSS activist 9738626104. For details, visit www.breakthrough-india.org.
Contact Jeevith on 7019220981 of KNC Innovative Global School for eclipse watching for general public.
– Team Mysoorunews

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