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Garba dance adds more colours to Gujarat Handicrafts Utsav

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Mysuru: The visitors to JSS Urban Haat has another reason to cheer as Garba dance add more colours to Gujarat Handicrafts Utsav, which commenced on December 30.

With Gujarat’s traditional performance, the Handicrafts utsav took a new shape to entertain the visitors.

The artistes from Gujarat will perform traditional Garba dance on Wednesday, January 6, between 6.30pm and 9pm.

Around 50 artists will be performing for ten different tunes.

Garba is a dance form originated in Gujarat, performed during Navratri, a nine-day festival of Goddess Durga. Garba dance is usually performed in a circle around a big lamp or the statue of Goddess Shakti.

Garba is often confused with Dandiya, which is another dance form of Gujarat performed during Navratri. The major difference between the two dance forms is that Garba is performed in circular movements with hands and feet, while Dandiya is played with colorful sticks.

Another perspective on the symbolic form of Garba is that as the dancers move around in circles making circular movements with their hands and feet, it represents the circle of life, which moves from life to death to rebirth, leaving only the Goddess Durga unmoved, unchanging and invincible. While the dancers perform in colorful costumes to the rhythm of a dhol or a drum, the men and women look vibrant and full of life in their attires.

Women wear Chaniya Choli a traditional Gujarat dress with three piece outfit and men who perform wear Kediyu a short round kurta along with Kafni pajamas along with Pagdi on their head. The modern day Garba is actually a fusion of Dandiya Raas and Garba. The dance is famous not only in India but also in US, UK and Canada.

DM Shukla GAS, Executive Director and RR Jadav, Manager, Indext-C has made an appeal to Craft-Loving people of Mysuru to visit the event and motivate the artisans by purchasing their artifacts, which will provide much needed lively hood to the artisans.

-Team Mysoorunews

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