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Every year more than 50,000 children suffer from cancer: Dr K G Srinivas

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Mysuru: “Cancer occurs in people of all ages including children, however cancer in children is rare and is curable if detected early and treated effectively. Every year nearly 3 lakh children are diagnosed with cancer across the world, in India alone every year more than 50,000 new childhood cancers cases below 15 years of age are reported “, said Dr K G Srinivas, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology.

As part of Childhood Cancer awareness month which is observed every year in the month of September, addressing participants at Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology Dr Srinivas who is also pediatrician said “In many countries knowledge about childhood cancer is very low. As a result children are often misdiagnosed or are only taken to see a doctor when their disease is very advanced and difficult to treat. The threat of cancer is rising globally among children too. There are more than 10 types of cancers which can be seen in children which include acute leukemia, brain tumor, lymphoma, neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma and soft tissue sarcomas. Among them Blood cancer or leukemia is the most common cancer among children 1 to 10 years which contributes more than one third of all pediatric malignancies which needs early intervention and treatment. In India most of the cases go unreported in children and is not diagnosed on time due to lack of awareness which is a major concern. Cancer in the paediatric age group contributes around 5 percent of total cancer in India. However it is highly curable if it is detected early and treated at specialized hospitals. About 70 percent of cancer cases in children are curable”.

“The common symptoms of childhood cancer are prolonged fever of over one month and pain in bones and common viral illness, weakness, bleeding, an unusual lump or swelling or pain in one area of the body, frequent headaches often with vomiting and sudden changes in the eye or vision. If children are losing weight continuously it is also a symptom of cancer which needs early detection and treatment” added Dr Srinivas.

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