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Every year around 1 lakh to 1.3 lakh Indian women diagnosed with cervical cancer: Dr Vijay Kumar

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Mysuru: “Every year around 1 lakh to 1.3 lakh Indian women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 30 to 40% among them die of the disease”, said Dr Vijay Kumar M, Consultant Senior Surgical Oncologist, Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology (BHIO), Mysuru who just completed performing 7,500 surgeries successfully. 

“Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among females in India which is associated with sexual behavior such as poor genital hygiene, early age of marriage, early age of first sexual intercourse. Cervical cancer is totally preventable and completely curable when diagnosed early. Awareness and improving living standards have declined the incidence of cervical cancer in the country. Health is always a matter of choice and is best if you commit yourself to establishing a daily self care routine” added Dr Vijay. 

Your health is our responsibility: “As a leading cancer hospital in and around Mysuru under able guidance of our beloved chairman Dr B S Ajaikumar, our aim is to end cervical cancer within a few generations. It is very well preventable by the HPV vaccine which had to be given to all girls between age 9 and 12 years. It can be detected very well at an early stage by the use of PAP Smear and HPV testing” said Dr Vijay. 

Free Pap Smear Test and Consultation: As part of World Cervical Cancer awareness month (January), BHIO as a leading hospital founded by Dr B S Ajaikumar, renowned oncologist will be conducting free Pap Smear Test and Consultation for women with cervical issues throughout this month.

Those interested should register their names by calling Mob: 9538886679 or 0821-2300600.

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