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e-toilets in Mysuru! MCC officials got 40% commission as kickback, alleges activist Arvind Sharma

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Mysuru: The allegation of 40 per cent commission that has created a ripples in State politics seems to have trickled down to Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) too.

According to pro- Kannada activist Arvind Sharma he has serious doubts over the MCC officials receiving 40 per cent Commission as a kickback in e-toilet works in the city.

Substantiating his allegation, Sharma has released the copies of information provided by MCC officials in reply to his RTI query.

e-toilet is one of ambitious projects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in 2014. Unlike other cities where the project was a success, it was due to the lackadaisical approach of MCC officials and corruption that failed the project in the city. The MCC Commissioner should initiate an inquiry and act against the guilty, Sharma has stated in his memorandum submitted to the commissioner along with the documents.

There are total 23 e-toilets in the city, but the MCC officials haven’t furnished the certified copies of agreement with the vendor. It gives rise to doubt whether the works have been carried out complying with the agreement.

Second, there is no information over as to who should maintain these e-toilets after installation. Hence, we should verify into the facts like who has been maintaining the e-toilets, how many among them are functional and non-functional and who is responsible for wasting tax payer’s money and causing loss to MCC’s coffer.

Third is, according to the backnote given by the executive engineer of MCC, UGD wing on September 07, 2021, there are total 23 e-toilets in the city installed at the estimated cost of Rs 116.11 lakh. Of the total units, 18 were supplied by P Kubendran for Rs 1.2 crore (Rs 1,20,14, 496) and five by Erum Scientific Solution Private Limited. However, when verified into the bill sanctioned to Kubendran, Rs 1.23 crore ( Rs 1,23,57,319) has been paid, making for additional Rs 3.42 lakh ( Rs 3,42,823).

So, prima facie it is evident that Rs 123.57 lakh has been paid for 18 e-toilets against Rs 116.11 lakh for 23 toilets, contrary to the information provided by the executive engineer.

Similarly, MCC has to pay Rs 29.41 lakh (Rs 29,41,130) for five e-toilet units supplied by Erum Scientific Solution Private Ltd, but according to the information furnished by MCC officials themselves bids were made to pay Rs 1.22 crore (Rs 1,22,33,102) casting aspersions again.

Interestingly, MCC officials have indulge in favouritism as they have opted to buy more units from Kubendran despite quoting higher rates per unit than Erum. While Kubendran supplied units at the varying rates of Rs 6.33 lakh (Rs 6,33,877), Rs 6,29,690, Rs 6,71,669 and Rs 7,64,050. But Erum did at Rs 5.88 lakh (Rs 5,88,226) per unit.

Arvind Sharma has requested the MCC Commissioner for a thorough probe and action against the guilty officials in this regard.

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