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Dubbed serials in Kannada hit top charts! Small screen industry in black

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Mysuru: With the other language serials dubbed into Kannada becoming a hit among the viewers, the home grown small screen industry is in a jeopardy.

Blame it on the Coronavirus crises that has hit every industry hard and the once thriving small screen is no exception. Not less than 20 daily soaps that were ranking top in television rating points (TRP) are stopped, pushing all those who were dependent on the industry from artistes to technicians into a state of quandary.

Shivajirao Jadhav

It is no secret that T N Seetharam’s ‘Magalu Janaki’ that was highly viewed was the first to stop production.

There were artistes who were paid from Rs 750 to Rs 27,000 for a day call sheet, who are all rendered jobless now.

While the big screen the other name of film industry has found an alternative way in over the top (OTT- refers to film and television content provided via high-speed internet connection rather than a cable or satellite provider), where new films are released, the serials lack such a platform.

Amidst this, Hulivan Gangadharaiah a popular TV and cinema artiste who was acting in ‘Premaloka’ a daily soap also died of Covid-19.

Shivajirao Jadhav a popular actor from Mysuru told Mysoorunews.com “Once the small screen industry was much sought after with many artistes carving a niche on their own. Barring mega serials, the production of 20 serials are stopped and even the highly paid actors are in a crisis”.

Many vernacular TV channels, exclusively for entertainment that were earlier screening Kannada serials and shows have switched over to dubbed programmes mostly from Hindi ( like Mahabharat, Radha Krishna etc.,). Even the viewers have also found them engaging, sufficient to spend time during lockdown ar home”.

Mysuru which is also a cultural hub has hundreds of artistes who had made a career in small screen. With no offers in hand, they are also staring at a bleak future.

Jadhav said “Some of the artistes in Bengaluru have switched over to odd jobs as an alternative like running fast food joints, doing vegetable vending and working as security guards at apartments”.

Apprehensive over the dubbed serials growing popularity that may pose a grave threat to Kannada serials in the future, a delegation of artistes submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa to end the menace of dubbing culture. The delegation included artistes like Mukhyamantri Chandru, Dattatreya (Dattanna), journalist Vijayamma, director and producer B Suresh.

Shruti Naidu a known actor, producer and director from Mysuru also raised her voice in this regard.

Unfortunately most of the Kannada organisations and even celebrities have kept mum that does not bode well for the language of the land.

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