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Don’t continue lockdown even after June 7, says social activist Arvind Sharma

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Mysuru: Following a buzz over State government planning to extend lockdown even after June 7, social activist Arvind Sharma has voiced against doing so.
The government has been imposing lockdown on the basis of experts opinion from April 21. However, the government should take measures to fight the pandemic than going for lockdown again and again, he stated in a press release.
Seventy per cent of the population of the ciytry constitutes farmers and labour class. There are lakhs of daily wagers and seven to 14 per cent are from the economically weaker families. The formal education of children has gone kaput for over one year and the earning class is left with nothing in hand either to pay rent or EMI. The lockdown will overburden these people.
Instead, the government should think of creating awareness through department of information and public relations and media, intensify vaccination of both public and private sector employees with the help of department of health and family welfare.
To rein in people, the crowd at events should be restricted to 20 people and beds and oxygen supplies should be ensured on health front. Most importantly, safety norms like wearing mask, using hand sanitiser ad maintaining social distance should be made mandatory. 
So, lockdown is not the only solution as it will further increase the financial burden, stated Arvind Sharma.
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