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Doctors fighting not just Corona but the risk that comes with it: Dr Javeed Nayeem

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Mysuru: Doctors working on Covid-19 pandemic are not only at the risk of contracting the virus but are also at the receiving end for doing their duty. 

Incidents like patients allegedly spitting on doctors and attack on medical professionals have put the lives of medical fraternity at risk. Considering this, it’s time the Central government took note of it and ensured medical professionals’ safety, said Dr Javeed Nayeem, president, Mysuru Association for Hospitals, Nursing Homes Diagnostics and Clinics (MAHAN). 
Expressing deep concern over the vulnerability of doctors in the present situation, Dr Nayeem told Mysoorunews.com that there should be a strong enactment of law to protect doctors. He further said that  the Karnataka Prohibition of Violence against Medicare Service Personnel and Damage to Property in Medicare Service Institutions Act, 2009 is rarely implemented here. There’s no bail to those booked under this. But this seldom happens, Dr Nayeem rued. 
“We want the Union government to bring out a strong legislation to protect doctors on duty and restrain people from attacking us,” Dr Nayeem said. 
On the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic posed to their fraternity, Dr Nayeem recalled an incident from Chennai. “A doctor treating Covid patient had tested positive for Covid in Chennai. He soon died. His body was not allowed to be buried in the common graveyard. No body came forward to take his body. Later, doctors from Chennai retrieved the body and gave their colleague a decent burial. People must understand that we too are at risk,” Dr Nayeem observed.
He further said that the private hospitals will comply with the government guidelines and will obey the law in treating the Covid-19 patients. 
Given the confidentiality that this pandemic has necessitated, Dr Nayeem appealed to the media houses not to identify the hospitals – even in remote sense – treating Covid-19 patients. He was referring to media reports that had identified a nursing home that had treated a senior citizen for fever who later tested positive for Corona. The nursing home has been shut for a week and is bring sanitised.
“Media must exercise some restrain while reporting on the hospital. This would save those hospitals or nursing homes from facing the stigma attached to the virus,” Dr Nayeem said.
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